4 Essential Things the FTC Wants You to Know Before Endorsing a Company’s Product

When Running an Online Business, Other Important Things to Know

Are you a blogger who receives free products or payment in exchange to share a review about that product on let’s say your Instagram account or your blog?

Or maybe you’re an online business owner and you participate in affiliate programs where you promote another company’s products and in exchange you receive a commission for each sale that you refer.

If you’re getting paid to create content promoting another company’s products or services, then you’ve got to listen to the latest episode of the Office Talk #podcast. In it, I’m sharing four things the FTC wants you to know before you endorse another company’s product or service.


  • Who needs to make disclosures and why
  • When to make disclosures
  • What your disclosures should say
  • How to make effective disclosures when you’re using social media, your website or video to endorse a company’s products or services
  • And more…


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