Do I Really Need a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service And More

Contracts 101, When Running an Online Business

Ever wonder if privacy policies, terms of service, or trademarks really matter?

Does the FTC really care about small businesses just starting out?

With cyber law constantly changing and trying to catch up to advances in technology, it can be really intimidating to make sure you’re complying, especially for new business owners. In this episode with Ryan Morrison, deemed “The Video Game Attorney,” we’re helping you sift through what is really important to protect our business right  from the start.


  • What to do when you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford legal advice or a trademark
  • The biggest mistake social media influencers make when working with companies
  • Are privacy policies and terms of service really necessary?
  • At what point should you consider filing for a trademark?
  • What to do when you own a domain and someone begins using your brand name under a similar domain
  • What an office action is and what should you do about it


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