What Your Contract Says About You

Contracts 101, When Working with Clients

As a business owner, we often spend a lot of time thinking about how to brand our businesses.

We think through the details of our website,

We fuss over our logos,

We take a million pictures before we get that perfect Instagram shot…

Yet one piece of brand collateral that often doesn’t get thought of that way – are your contracts.

(Yes, I said contracts.)

You see, beyond just having the right terms and conditions, there’s another element at play with your contract. One that can help you reach and book bigger and better clients.

And I’m sharing it in this episode.


  • What is “scope creep”
  • Why you need to know your intended audience before writing the contract
  • The reasons you need to start thinking about your contracts just like a piece of branding
  • How presentation acts as a key component of your contract


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