The Most Common Questions from Event and Wedding Pros – Answered

Contracts 101, Other Important Things to Know

If you’re an event or wedding planner — listen up! We’re diving into the most common questions we get from planners about contracts and the law.

Now, if you’re not an event or wedding industry pro – I don’t want you to skip this episode. Although I’m answering the frequently asked questions for this specific industry, keep an open mind! There could be a question I answer today or concern I address that could totally apply to what you do.


  • What to do if you’re client refuses to sign the contract and what you need to always consider in these situations
  • Where to find the answer when you need to terminate a contract – the right way
  • How to handle the “check is in the mail” scenario and one clause that will help eliminate this from happening
  • Looking to use an image for your portfolio? You’ll need to follow these steps first…
  • How you can draft a contract when providing multiple services or packages (without overwhelming yourself or your client)



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