When Your Client is Just Not that Into You: How to Terminate a Contract

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When you first sign on a new client, it feels like all rainbows, butterflies and unicorns doesn’t it? Not only are you super pumped about adding another client to your growing roster of happy customers, but you can’t wait to knock the socks off your client with your impressive skills.

But every once in awhile, you’ll come across a client who is just not that into you (anymore).

Or maybe – you’re just not that into your client.

Or perhaps your client has had an unexpected situation arise and in an effort to rack up those good karma points, you decide to let her out of your contract and move on.  

So how do go about terminating a contract?

Good question.

First things first – always refer to the contract between you two. You do have one right? {wink}. If not, get one of our client service agreements before you do anything else.

Ok  – after you’ve pulled up a copy of the contract you both signed, check to see if there are any clauses about termination or cancellation of the contract.  What does it say?

Using that to inform your next steps, decide on how you and your client will “break up:”

  • What do you owe your client?
  • What does your client owe you?
  • Are there any conditions that will apply even after you’ve terminated the contract?

These are just some of the many important terms you’ll find addressed in our Agreement to Terminate a Contract template which comes with step-by-step video instructions showing you how to customize the template to your unique needs.

Make sure to protect yourself before you say “bye, bye, bye” to your client.

It’s time to say “bye, bye, bye” to a client or another party to your contract. Should you have something in writing? Yes! Check out our Agreement to Terminate Contract which can be used by parties to a contract when they have agreed to terminate their contract.

Kickstart your contracts here.