How to Fix the 5 Biggest Mistakes in Your Wedding Planning Biz

Contracts 101, Other Important Things to Know

What isn’t working in your wedding planning business? One thing that trips up most newer business owners, no matter the industry, is that they treat their business like a passion project or hobby.

If you got into business because you have a passion for the process or your clients, you may be overlooking some of these common mistakes. Don’t learn the hard lessons the hard way. I don’t want you to have unhappy clients or legal issues on your plate. Insead, take a listen to this episode and course-correct now.

As a side note: These mistakes aren’t exclusive to wedding planners; I’ve seen them made in all different industries. So just because you’re not a wedding planner or in the wedding industry, don’t discount this episode. You could very well be making these mistakes in your own business too!

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  • Who you’re hiring in your business: an independent contractor or employee (and why it matters)
  • Why you shouldn’t “borrow” the wedding photographer’s photos and what to do instead
  • How to determine what kind of contract you need for your target audience
  • What to never do with your clients’ vendors
  • How to make sure your business continues to remain in the black


We all make mistakes. But what’s more important is learning from our mistakes. If you’ve been working with a less-than-professional contract, it’s time to step it up. Your Legal BFF contract templates include step-by-step explanations (in Plain English - no legal mumbo jumbo here) and additional trainings walking you through how to customize each clause of your contract with confidence.

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